As United Methodists, our worship services are open to all and we welcome people regardless of race, nationality, age, socio-economic status and gender. At Gashland United Methodist church, worship is not about us but focused upon God, redemption in Jesus Christ and the life-transforming work of the Holy Spirit. We are unapologetically Trinitarian in worship.

Our table at Holy Communion is open to all who wish to receive God’s transforming grace through this sacrament, and come with a repentant heart. We offer this sacrament through different ways based on the service, and find that the Holy Spirit is at work regardless in the manner in which this sacrament is celebrated.

We have three Sunday morning worship opportunities at Gashland United Methodist Church, each with a different flavor:

Traditional Service
Our first worship service is at 8:15 am that incorporates the “old favorite” hymns with organ and piano accompaniment. We celebrate the Lord’s Supper on the first Sunday of each month at the altar rail as presided by an Ordained Elder of the United Methodist church. This worship service incorporates a more formal worship liturgy, and the use of technology is incorporated in ways to maintain the integrity of this worship service and focus upon God.

Garden Village Service
Our off-site service is conducted at Garden Village Retirement facility on Barry Road in the Northland, just minutes from our main church building. This worship service includes much of the same formal liturgy and hymnody of our first worship service, and includes a full worship team with experienced and trained preachers, liturgists, song leaders, and organ accompaniment. We offer Holy Communion at this service monthly on the first Sunday of the month from an Ordained Elder of the United Methodist church. This worship service is open to all while seeks to offer a distinct and full worship experience for the community at Garden Village.

Contemporary Service
Our second worship service is at 10:45am and includes a full praise band and modern worship songs. The songs are lively, meaningful, and highly sing-able as the praise band leads the worship without being the focus of it.